Your happiness should always be your number 1 priority

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A guide to what a Life Coach is and what a Life Coach isn’t

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It’s funny how life pans out

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An analogy explaining how to change your life fur the better

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Unable to control their inner beast

There is no question werewolves have an incredible amount of power. Their…

An analogy explaining why being a vampire sucks!

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A product of our Environment

A lot…

Getting started is the key to getting ahead

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1) I don’t need a coach

The first misconception is the most fascinating. It reminds much of someone who has a nasty toothache who refuses to go to the dentist. Days and weeks pass and the pain inevitably worsens. It gets so painful that the man chooses to take action. Instead of making an appointment to see someone who knows what they are doing, they instead…

Some voids are impossible to fill

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People tell me there aren’t enough readers. I don’t believe them

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Dean Middleburgh

Life Coach in training, looking to help people fulfil their potential | Top writer and storyteller | Follow my journey here on Medium!

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