Life coaching is an extremely misunderstood subject. I aim to give you the inside track of what life coaching is and why it is growing in popularity. Here are the 5 biggest misconceptions I come across within the coaching world.

1) I don’t need a coach

The first misconception is the most fascinating. It reminds much…

Some voids are impossible to fill

We are all creatures of habit, and Rebecca Jenkins was no exception. The diner waitresses and cooks would share a private joke about the woman who arrived at the restaurant at the same time every day. The workers didn’t even know her name, but this didn’t stop them from laughing…

People tell me there aren’t enough readers. I don’t believe them

Another day on Medium, another itch I cannot reach. (Don’t worry, the nurse has been notified) This time, it is to do with Medium’s lack of interest with fiction and their inability to recognise such a vital literature cornerstone. …

Dean Middleburgh

Life Coach in training, looking to help people fulfil their potential | Top writer and storyteller | Follow my journey here on Medium!

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