Your happiness should always be your number 1 priority

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If you’re a career advisor, you probably won’t advise your clients to leave their job any time soon. I would go as far as to say that many people would tell you that even if you hate your job, the best thing you can do is suck it up and wait for the storm to pass — If you’re currently in work, then you are one of the lucky ones, fortunate to earn a wage when others are struggling to make ends meet.

On paper, this is sound advice.

In reality, things are not so black and white.

My life…

A guide to what a Life Coach is and what a Life Coach isn’t

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Whenever I mention that I am training to be a life coach, the response I receive is one of curiosity and scepticism. The conversation tends to end with many dismissing the premise and explaining why they believe it is a complete waste of time. Although people are free to build up their own opinions, what struck me was those same people couldn’t explain what coaching was.

Their premise and beliefs on the subject of coaching were completely misguided in ways that surprised me. Bright and intelligent people were dismissing and ridiculing an area they knew nothing about. This lack of…

Learn how to make a passive income online in 3 days!

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I am super excited. Why? I’ve just got access to an exclusive live 3-day masterclass starting next week on exactly how to launch an online course from scratch!

It’s taught by Lewis Raymond Taylor, Liam James Collins & Jonny Mitchell at The Coaching Masters, who yesterday were featured in Forbes. These guys make over $150k A MONTH from their online courses and have a blueprint of exactly how we can get started too.

I wanted to share this because it’s literally the perfect opportunity whilst we are all in…

It’s funny how life pans out

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Life never entirely goes the way you plan. In my case, there wasn’t much of a plan, more of a dingy torn up treasure map where there was no island, and no ‘X’ identifying where I should be looking. It was safe to say I didn’t even know what I was searching for and what this ‘treasure chest’ consisted of.

I explored the world and spent years looking for answers within it. What was my purpose? What could I sink my teeth into that would leave me feeling as if I had achieved something significant?

This pattern continued for a…

An analogy explaining how to change your life fur the better

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When I mention the word werewolf, the first thought that springs to mind are hairy beasts howling in the moonlight.

Humans and werewolves don’t have all that much in common on the surface. Yet when you drill down to the characteristics of both, you soon realise society has more in common with werewolves than you might think…

This article will show you that Metaphorically speaking, werewolves provide the perfect reasons why we should move away from this way of thinking and transform into something more powerful and self-aware.

Unable to control their inner beast

There is no question werewolves have an incredible amount of power. Their…

An analogy explaining why being a vampire sucks!

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When I mention the word vampire, the first thought that springs to mind are pale individuals prancing around in a cape in the dead of night; on the surface, humans and vampires don’t have all that much in common. Yet when you drill down to the characteristics of both, you soon realise society has more in common with vampires than you might think…

In this article, I will show you that Metaphorically speaking, vampires provide the perfect reasons for how and why we should move away from this role model and transform into something more powerful and self-aware.

A product of our Environment

A lot…

Getting started is the key to getting ahead

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The world changes every day, yet most of us rarely notice the slight shifts that occur beneath our feet. We drift through life; many of us sleepwalking from one birthday to the next, wondering if the next year will bring us more luck and excitement.

Then roughly every ten years or so, disaster strikes. Our way of existence is thrown off balance, and that excitement we have yearned for is dumped on our doorstep without warning. …

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Life coaching is an extremely misunderstood subject. I aim to give you the inside track of what life coaching is and why it is growing in popularity. Here are the 5 biggest misconceptions I come across within the coaching world.

1) I don’t need a coach

The first misconception is the most fascinating. It reminds much of someone who has a nasty toothache who refuses to go to the dentist. Days and weeks pass and the pain inevitably worsens. It gets so painful that the man chooses to take action. Instead of making an appointment to see someone who knows what they are doing, they instead…

Some voids are impossible to fill

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We are all creatures of habit, and Rebecca Jenkins was no exception. The diner waitresses and cooks would share a private joke about the woman who arrived at the restaurant at the same time every day. The workers didn’t even know her name, but this didn’t stop them from laughing behind her back. Little did they know that they, too, were stuck in a loop inside a purgatory of their own making.

The blonde waitress with the pigtails would chew her gum like a deranged camel while the cook inside the kitchen would tap away at the table, mimicking the…

People tell me there aren’t enough readers. I don’t believe them

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Another day on Medium, another itch I cannot reach. (Don’t worry, the nurse has been notified) This time, it is to do with Medium’s lack of interest with fiction and their inability to recognise such a vital literature cornerstone. The best analogy I can think of would be the following: It would be like opening up a swimming pool and forgetting to fill it up with water.

Maybe I am jumping in feet first without the numbers and research to back up what I am saying. Perhaps there are not enough readers/writers of fiction to make it worth their time…

Dean Middleburgh

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